Kit Cronograma Capilar 3 Cremes de pentear( Hidratação, Nutrição, Reconstrução9


The set contains:

1-Cream To Comb Deep Hydration 1kg

1- Combing Cream Repair Nutrition 1kg

1 - Combing Cream Intense Reconstruction 1kg

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Product Description :
The Deep Moisturizing Combing Cream will leave your curls even more incredible, strong, healthy, defined, and of course, moisturized and long dryness.


Product Description :
Apply Salon Line Repair Nutrition Combing Cream to damp hair and spread lock by lock from length to ends. Ah, and don't forget to untangle with a wide-tooth comb and then knead from the ends to the root. Repeat this movement as many times as you like and ready: curls divine! Do you want volume? Just don't apply it near the root.


Product Description :
Always taking care of wavy, curly, frizzy, bulky hair in transition. And now with maximum shine and perfect hair untangling with Salon Line Combing Creams! Super illuminated strands!

Salon Line Combing Cream! Deep Reconstruction + Frizz + Super Definition and Shiny Curls.

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Weight3300 g

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