My Smooth Hair Loss Set (3 items)

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My Smooth Hair Loss fights hair loss and replenishes vitamins!

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About the product: My Smooth Anti Fall fights hair loss and replenishes vitamins! Contains: Jaborandi + vitamins - Shampoo: ensures a moisturizing cleansing, combats hair loss, keeping them healthy and strong. - Conditioner: provides hydration, sealed wires, strong, with lots of shine and softness. - Treatment Mask: ensures super hydration, strengthens the wires, helps control hair loss and replenishes vitamins, leaving hair softer and silky.

Incredible benefits - Moisturizing - Combats hair loss - Frizz control -

Salt-free and paraben-free

Vegan: yes

Released: no

Age: from 12 years old

Hair type: straight, being natural, straightened or relaxed.

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Weight1000 g