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Set My Extreme Smooth with Salon Line Thermal Defrizzer - ( 3 items)


Vegan: yes
Released: no
Age: from the age of 12
Hair type: smooth natural, smooth and relaxed.

Contents of the kit:
1 Shampoo My Extreme Smooth Salon Line 300ml
1 My Extreme Smooth Salon Line Conditioner 300ml
1 Thermal Defrizzer My Extreme Smooth Salon Line 200ml

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Do you dream of a natural, hydrated, frizz-free smooth? With the Extreme Smooth of Salon Line, that dream can come true!

ShampooIt is the best friend of cleaning, because it keeps the threads clean to the right extent, leaving them beautiful and healthy from the first use.

ConditionerThe newest version of the product, with its sealed ends, results in hydrated, aligned and frizz-free hair.

And the Defrizantis indicated to protect the hair from the action of heat tools, leaving the hair hydrated, soft, protected and without frizz

The secret of My Extreme Smooth line lies in its rich formula in D-Pantenol, coconut water e aloe vera. You want more? The line is vegan and paraben-free to leave your hair divine and healthy at any time.

For extremely smooth, light and perfect wires, click buy!

Result of My Extreme Smooth line with thermal protector

Extremely smooth hair, no frizz, straight and light.

How to use Salon Line Shampoo, Conditioner and Defrizzer

Apply My Extreme Smooth Shampoo to wet hair, massaging gently. Rinse well.
After washing your hair with the Shampoo, apply My Extreme Smooth Conditioner, massaging gently. Rinse well.

Finally, spread an amount of Extreme Smooth Defrizz according to the length of your hair on the palm of your hands. Then, with the damp or dry strands, apply Defrizz lock by lock. Begin the brushing process with a blow dryer and, if desired, finish with the board to achieve your extreme straightness.

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