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Rapunzel lola cosmetics - growth tonic + milk spray + shampoo reduces hair loss and accelerates growth. rapunzel treatment acts on the strengthening of the hair follicle so that the root is strong and the hairs have a longer life. Thus, it prevents hair aging and stimulates the healthy growth of new hairs. The hair becomes strong, resistant and shiny. Indication of frequency of use For severe hair loss: apply daily. For moderate hair loss: apply three times a week. For a preventive and punctual treatment: apply twice a week. After the treatment period (three months), continue applying twice a week for maintenance. Step by step of the schedule Step 1- apply the rejuvenating shampoo on wet hair. Massage gently until you get foam and rinse well. Repeat the application. Step 2 - after using the shampoo apply the growth tonic directly on the clean and dry scalp (or slightly wet). Massage gently. Do not rinse. Massaging the scalp helps to activate the microcirculation potentiating the results. Step 3 - spray the milk spray onto clean, damp hair.

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