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The Set Salon Line S.O.S Coconut Curls Intensively nourishes curly, frizzy and wavy hair in an anti dryness treatment. Brings the power of Coconut into daily hair care. It has nourishing and moisturizing properties that help to strengthen, repair damage, discipline and ensure luminosity and softness. Contains Salon Line S.O.S Coconut 300ml Shampoo: cleanses and nourishes at the same time. Salon Line S.O.S Cachos Coconut 300ml Conditioner: brings a care that fights dryness and untangling the threads. Salon Line S.O.S Coconut Curls 500g Mask: eliminates dryness and restores the healthy aspect of curly and frizzy hair, besides providing a magnificent shine!


Coconut Oil and Butter: makes a nutrition and repair of the threads. Ensures shinier, more controlled, sealed, strong and healthy hair.

No parabens. Vegan.

How to Use Ift Salon Line S.O.S Coconut Curls 

Implementation Council

With wet hair, apply the shampoo to the root. Massage until it foams and spread through the extension of the strands. Rinse thoroughly.

Remove excess water with a towel. Pass the mask from length to ends and wait 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse.

Then remove excess water with a towel. Apply the length conditioner to the ends and wait for a few moments. Rinse thoroughly.


Fully nourished, resistant, radiant and frizz-free curls.

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