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Kit Salon Line S.O.S Curls + Powerful Duo

Kit Salon Line S.O.S Curls + Powerful Duo brings more vitality and strength to wavy, curly and frizzy hair during daily care. It acts in the restructuring of the deepest areas of hair fiber. It also forms an external film that reveals a much shinier and smoother look. Contains Salon Line S.O.S Curls + Powerful 300ml Shampoo: cleanses and moisturizes at the same time. Salon Line S.O.S Curls + Powerful 300ml Conditioner: comes to strengthen, untangle and restore the healthy look of hair.


Microkeratin: with greater penetration power, it restores the strength of the threads, prevents the loss of hydration and fights the split ends.

Rice Protein: highly repairing, it is great for leaving hair more resistant, shiny, silky and protected from daily aggressions.

Silicone: forms a film on the yarns for a brighter, silkier result, with sealed tip and protected from external aggressions.


How to UseKit Salon Line S.O.S Curls + Powerful Duo

Implementation Council

With wet hair, apply the shampoo to the root. Massage until it foams and spread through the extension of the strands. Rinse thoroughly.

Spread the conditioner over the length and ends of the wires. Let it act for a moment and rinse.


Strengthened and moisturized bunches, and they reveal a magnificent shine!

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