Shampoo S.O.S Original Salon Line 500ml


It strengthens weak, dry and brittle hair. Guaranteed growth and healthy hair.

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The growth shampoos are the darlings of those who want a hair full of life and the S.O.S Original Salon Line Pump Shampoo has very positive effects on hair, such as strengthening, restoring and combating breakage and dryness.

This positive result is only possible because the Pump Shampoo formula contains: Whey Protein, which is rich in amino acids and helps restore hair fiber damaged by external aggressions;

Vitamin A, which is responsible for strengthening the threads, as well as helping in healthy growth;

D-Pantenol, which is a powerful moisturizer and improves the texture of hair fiber, giving an end to split ends;

Biotin, which helps prevent fall and castor oil that hydrates, fights fall by breakage, strengthens the threads and helps recover hair fiber.

And for your warranty, Original Pump Shampoo has been thoroughly tested! 85% of the test volunteers carried out in our laboratory ensured that the length of the wires themselves increased during this period. So, you can trust it!

Aaah, the Original Pump Shampoo is indicated for all hair types, i.e. straight, wavy, curly, frizzy and curly.

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Original Pump Shampoo Mode of Use:



Apply the Original Pump Shampoo on wet hair. Massage the root until it forms foam. Rinse.

Also use the Strengthening Tonic S.O.S Accelerated Growth Pump Salon Line after washing your hair with S.O.S Hydration Pump Shampoo or, if you prefer, mix the Strengthening Tonic directly in your shampoo.

Product IndicationAll Types of Hair.

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