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Hair Tonic for Strengthening with Biotin Golden Drop - 100ml


Hair Tonic for Strengthening Golden Drop, is a product formulated with Biotin; known as a powerful vitamin to assist in the strength, growth, combat the fall and breakage of hair. Try it!

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Hair Strengthening with Biotin Golden Drop - 100ml 


Let us guess: your hair is weak and in need of a good strengthener for a healthy and resistant growth?! So, rest assured, because Golden Drop has the ideal solution for you!

Hair Tonic for Hair Strengthening with Biotinis an exclusive solution with anti-fall and anti-breakage action, specially developed to promote strength and stimulate accelerated growth of the strands, in a natural and non-aggressive way. Formulated with vitamins B7, the powerful tonic strengthens the entire length of the hair, while combating hair loss, so that the strands can develop in a truly healthy way!


If you are part of the team that dreams of a long hair and full of life, try the Gota Dourada Biotin Tonic. Test and check; we are sure you will be surprised with the results. ✨

Application hint

Hair Tonic for Strengthening with Biotin Golden Drop - 100ml 


To use the Golden Drop Biotin Tonicis super simple! Apply the product directly on the scalp, always following the application quantity that is described on the tube. After that, massage gently, always using the tip of your fingers so as not to hurt the scalp. Let the tonic act for a period of 2 hours. After that, just wash your hair.

Aaah, it is also worth knowing that this product is a hair treatment, so remember to perform the treatment 3 times a week, for 3 months, combined?


#IMPORTANT: before applying, remember to perform a touch test! To do this, apply a small amount of toner on the forearm or behind the ear, and leave it on for 45 minutes. After that, wash the applied area and wait for a 24-hour period. If any irritation, itching or redness occurs on the skin, the product cannot be used.

Benefits for you to love ♥

Hair Tonic for Strengthening with Biotin Golden Drop - 100ml 


- Strengthening tonic enriched with Biotin;

- Combats hair loss and hair breakage;

- Promotes accelerated growth in the strands;

- Strengthens hair from root to tip;

- It's a hair treatment;

- Truly healthy strands;

- Can be used on all hair types;

- Delicious fragrance;

- Product free of animal testing and cruelty (Cruelty Free). ❤️️🐰

Main Assets

Hair Tonic for Strengthening with Biotin Golden Drop - 100ml 


✨ Biotin

Biotin - also known as Vitamin B7 - is an ideal active ingredient to promote the anti-fall and anti-breakage action in hair, stimulating healthy and accelerated growth, preventing the appearance of white hair, thickness recomposition, strengthening and hair rejuvenation.

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